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2×2 is in the centre of the Port Ambonne centre commercial, on the ground floor. It is on the main semi-circular passageway through the centre. It has a small frontage to the passageway, but is quite large inside. To the best of my memory, the frontage is made of dark wood, with some red signage.

There are 2 saunas in the resort and they are joined by a locking doorway which couples can buzz the bar/reception and move between both clubs. Histoire d’O is singles and couples and 2et2 is couples only. Over the winter months (Oct-March) only Histoire d’O is the only club open and the door is removed so it is a mixed club.

There is a nice bar area(soft drinks are normally free but not red bull), everyone is given a towel and you put any clothes, shoes, accessories in a locker. Inside are various rooms, a pool for 20 people, sauna and a steam room.

The mixed sauna opens at 2pm every day until late in the evening, depending how many people are still there at the end of the day. The couples only sauna is open on Friday and Saturday from 2pm until around 7pm, and then it opens again for the evening session where you wear whatever you like, and on Sundays from 2 until around 8pm, when the last person leaves. There is a buffet on Saturday and Sunday evenings, early at 6 on Sunday and around 10 on Saturdays, not sure about Fridays.



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