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UK Couple:
we have booked via Ann and David James for our last 4 years and we have rebooked with them again for July of this year. We have never had any trouble with any of the apartments they have placed us in. We stayed in an apartment the first year and then moved onto to a villa for the last 3 visits and we have always found them to offer an excellent service. Their apartments from our experience are always been clean and as well (if not better) furnished/equipped than most and we have also found their prices to be very good. Hope this is of some help to you.

Italian Couple: We have stayed with David and Ann the last few years and only had a problem last year with a noisy apartment in Port Nature. They were very accommodating though and were able to move us at short notice. Overall great service and they speak English (useful of course for America, Aussie and British visitors to the resort).

Patrick and Joe: I think David and Ann did a great job when I stayed there last year. The room was spacious and typical Heliopolis. Nothing fancy but you get what you pay for. You want more luxury you might want to stay at Hotel Eve and pay 3 times the price. They are fine people offering comparable apartments at a comparable price. I liked the fact that all the beach equipment… chairs umbrellas and towels are included. Add the cost of those to the other rentals and the price might even be better. Also, the SCNF station transfers by David are well worth it in convenience and service. I’d book with them again in a heartbeat.

Robert: My girlfriend and I have also reserved through Anne and David. They seemed to be the only agency that rents apartments daily and not weekly like the other agencies. I have a question, however, is it customary to make payment in full 60 days prior to arrival. I have already sent a 30% deposit and I assumed the balance would be due in the resort. I am travelling from the USA and want to make sure they are legitimate before sending in the balance. thanks.

Response from Bud: Hi Guys – yes this is pretty normal, we have booked for the last 4 years with Ann & David, always found them to be extremely helpful. Have already booked this July with them again.

Feedback from Ann and David James Agency: People should only book with a licensed company and our licence number is on all request for payments and booking confirmation. This is issued by the Police and all licensed companies are registered with the tourist office and the booking is protected by French law. If the company is not on the tourist office list they are not legal, several agency’s are not listed. This year some one came to see us they had got a good price off the web when they arrived no such apartment existed. It may be worthwhile to advise people who use your web site about this, if it sounds to be good to be true it probably is. (Thank you to Ann and David for their response – Admin).

Andreas: There is no problem with Ann & Davids Travel Agency. My girlfriend and I rented an apartment through them 2 years ago and everything was ready when we arrived. Ann and David are very friendly and always answer if you have a question. Therefore we also this year have booked an apartment through Ann & David for June.

Naturist Couple from UK: We went with Anne and David and our apartment was great. They were friendly and even though we had a problem with our bathroom light it was fixed within the day. The apartments are not 5 star but they are ok and good value for the cost and compared to the other options. We met a couple who were paying twice what we were and they were in a similar apartment but staying with a different agency. We also got free linen hire and towel hire whilst our friends with the other agency had to pay £50 for the same service. We know a lot of people who have used Anne and David and have had no problems.

Shaz: For the past 2 years we have been booking our accommodation in the Cap through Ann & David James they seem to be reasonably priced and the real beauty with them is, that you can start and finish your holiday on any day, enabling you to get rock bottom air fares! They will also collect you from the airport, or nearby Agde rail station (which is easy and cheap to reach) We’ve booked 2 stays this year, having just returned to the UK’s cold, we’re already counting the days until September. You may also want to check out sylviane byll who do do holiday lets as well as sales, haven’t booked with them, but understand that they are good and fairly priced. Enjoy your stay.

John and Jo: We booked through Anne & David James Travel and must say their service was very efficient, being met from the airport, with the transfer from Perpignan costing 130 Euros each way, 260 Euros round trip. I’ve no idea if the charge for the apartment was good value or not but we were fine with it even though it was basic, as the service (towels, sheets included) made up for other inadequacies. OK, it probably hadn’t been touched since it was built in the 1970’s but we had no complaints – for luxury we go elsewhere.

Phil THFC: We booked via Anne & David travel mainly as there had been positive comment regarding them on BN website. They were excellent. Everything worked well and was ready on arrival. (Email: to book with David and Anne).


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