Cap d'Agde


Buses to Cap d’Agde from Agde train station

buses to cap d'agde

We have been visiting the Cap for the past 2 years and we decided to be brave and try the bus service a couple of weeks ago on our 2nd visit of the year. We just caught the change over period from having 2 routes on offer, 1 much quicker than the other (bus numbers 274 and 275) to just having the 275.

It was a very good service, the timetable can easily be found on the net if you look for Herault Transport, basically there’s 1 bus an hour (although I don’t think there is a bus between 12.15 and 2.15) and the journey takes a winding route over about 45 minutes, but does stop right outside the front gates of the naturist quarter, it costs 2 euro from outside Agde railway station (far right hand end of the bus stop) to the village. Hope that’s helpful, have a good trip.

The first time we went to the resort we were kind of shy to ask for tickets to the naturist resort but the driver didn’t flinch at all. So many people over the course of the summer use this bus to get to the resort that it really is no big deal. The resort is fact is one of the main and last stops on the route normally.

If you do arrive into Agde station and if there is a taxi already available outside the train station then you really might as well pay the 10 Euros or so and go straight to the resort. This will make it easier for you to know exactly where to go and you will not have to wait around for the bus. There is a bus timetable directly in front of the front entrance at the station on your right (about 10 metres in front of you).


Hotel in resort

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