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Staying in the Camping area – I have just returned from my first time experience at Cap D’agde and boy!!! What an experience. The weather was amazingly hot at times, which is great, there where a few chilly evenings – but who cares about that. And I must say I did not have any encounters with insects of any sort…or was i just lucky?! I met some fantastic people (all prearranged through here and other sites), we just gelled from the moment we met, so thank you guys for sharing this experience with me, you know who you are.
The campsite were I stayed was just incredible, a true naturist area, the chalet was bit on the small side, but was ideal for just getting your head down for a few hours sleep at night. The food in the restaurants where we all ate pretty much every night was excellent and fair prices too.

The bars were nice and friendly, however, being a single guy (here we go again on that subject), was not able to experience the clubs/saunas etc.etc.etc but i’m not going to let a small blip like that spoil an almighty experience. One of my friends gave me a tour of pretty much the whole resort when I got there, and at the same time managed to do a lot without clothes including shopping, breakfast, relaxing poolside or on the beach. On a whole, it was the best time I have ever had in a long while and I will certainly be back hopefully later this year or if not, definitely next season! Glenn.

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