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Internet and WiFi Access

Internet access

Baskins has WiFi (charged for) as well as computers to use for a charge. Baskins have about 8 desktops you can use or you can take in your own laptop. They offer day hourly rates, day or week rates. A few doors down, you can sometimes also get WiFi in Johnny Wokker’s bar. Baskins and Wokkers are both at the sea end of the Port Nature building.

Camp site Internet access

Latest prices we have for the camp site Wireless WiFi service is:

Unlimited Package:

  • 2 days: 10 €
  • 4 days 16 €
  • 7 days: 22 €
  • 14 days: 32 €
  • 21 days: 38 €

Packages minutes:

  • 30 minutes: 4 €
  • 60 minutes: 6 €
  • 120 minutes: 10 €
  • 180 minutes: 13 €

Internet access is available throughout the camp site and in general, reports are that the access is normally reasonable. The access can though sometimes be slow in peak times and if you are too far from one of the transmitters, the access might be less good.

Visitor Feedback

Feedback from Jackie and Mike: This question crops up often and the answer from year to year is different, as new Internet cafe’s open and close and as things develop in the resort.

First of all the Rene Oltra campsite does have Wi-Fi throughout their site. Charges to use your own laptop on your pitch varied for how long you want connection for i.e. a day, week or month or summer pass.

Another option is to try a ‘ dongle’ and this seemed to offer an answer. We tried to buy a French Pay As You Go dongle from an Orange shop in Sete. This proved impossible as you needed a French bank account/credit card to top up the dongle when your initial credit ran out. The cost would have been 75 euros for the dongle which included ‘just’ 15 euros of connection time.

I have found a solution which has suited me for what I want an Internet connection for while away from home (especially if we are in a remote area in our motor home) it may well suite others. It’s a mini laptop called a UbiSurfer and uses mobile phone GPRS connection so if you have a signal for a mobile then the UbiSurfer will connect to the Internet (I have posted some pictures of it). Don’t get me wrong it’s not the best thing since sliced bread pages take around 7 seconds to load but for limited surfing at only 5 pence per minute abroad it could offer a solution at a reasonable price. The cost is £149.99 which includes one year’s UK Internet connection (30 hours of usage per month) valued at £30. To surf abroad is an extra £30 which gives you 600 minutes these last for a year no monthly zeroing if you don’t use them up. UbiSurfers are available from Maplin with an in store demonstration.

Or for the same price from who have a no quibble return policy if it’s not what you want or expected.
The UbiSurfer website is at Which gives you all the info you need. Remember if you buy it for the right reason then you will be pleased with it.

Visitor Feedback: The VIGYYACKT company offers hotspots in the seaport area. You can pre-purchase connection time by phone. I looked into getting a French cell phone (prepaid) and connecting via UMTS/3G connection to my laptop, but it seems way too expensive and complicated. I’ll be bringing my laptop and visiting the local hotspots.

More commonly asked questions:

Wi Fi access

  • Hotel Eve report that they offer Internet access in each room. We have yet to verify or try this ourselves but they say they do offer internet access.
  • In the apartments, it depends on what the individual property owners have set up in their property. If you need internet then make sure to state this with the people you book through. from our experience, most of the apartments on site now can receive WiFi but it is still unreliable.
  • Rene Oltra (who own and manage the camping area) since the 2009 season have offered Wi-Fi on the camp site. A few different people have had different experiences with the service. A few people have said the service is patchy (unreliable for a signal) and was expensive. Others found that the Wi-Fi service worked absolutely fine and was cheap i.e. for around Euros 16 for 4 days.
  • Baskin Robbins is a cafe restaurant which offers internet service both for those with computers (i.e. a laptop or iPad) or for those who wish to use the Baskin Robbins computers. Prices are reasonable and connections good and this is a good option if you cannot get Internet access in your apartment.



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