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Peng Travel offer holidays for naturists worldwide including the Caribbean, Florida and Cap d’Agde. Below the feedback on Peng Travel we have from our users regards their trips to Cap d’Agde.

From Wales: For the last couple of years Peng have been offering a ‘bare beds’ service. You book the accommodation through them but make your own way to the Cap. I nearly considered it this year because the flight part of the package is for an 06.25 flight out of Gatwick, which means an internal flight from Manchester to Gatwick is not possible without an overnight stop. On the plus side it means a couple more hours at the Cap. For those interested I tried the on-line check-in last year and it worked fine. Saved a lot of queuing at the check-in desk. It didn’t work coming back from Montpellier, though. No BA baggage drop-off desks.

JB, Ireland: I’ve been to the Cap three times and have used the on-site Peng France office to book just the accommodation each time. My contacts started with their website and continued by email and telephone, in both French and English. I’ve always arranged my own travel. Perhaps the overall Peng organisation want to do that, as someone said?

The accommodation was as one might expect. I booked a studio each time and they were basic and slightly dated as they are probably used primarily for rental, rather than owner occupation. But I was happy, as I really didn’t intend indoor living to be a major part my visits! However, I’ve had no problem getting one for an odd number of nights
and not necessarily beginning at the weekend either. Also, other arrangements regarding key collection, early  departures etc. all worked out very well each time. So, I’d have no problem in recommending them to you. Overall Peng Travel Cap d’agde accommodation works for me.

Andy: I’ve been to Cap d’Agde a number of times but this year it will be the first time solo. I can recommend Peng simply because they have a good infrastructure at the resort, including a large air-conditioned and staffed ‘club house’. Peng organise at least two dinners each week where you can get to know different people. They also do things like a ‘cheese and wine’ party and a cocktail night at the club house. So, there are many opportunities for getting to know people. Personally I’m looking forward to the chance to sit in the sun with a pile of books and a few liters of wine, and just watching the world go by.

Davey: Booking: We booked (through Internatuur) with Peng and, as in the past, were thoroughly satisfied with them throughout and, no, I don’t work for them or have shares in the company. If it is your first time or you want a quick way to get to know like minded people, this is, to my mind, the best option. Last year we flew down to Montpellier and took a taxi from there – ouch! Expensive. This year, we are going by train and have booked up seats both ways by SNCF to Agde station from Paris. I don’t really know any French but negotiating their website wasn’t too difficult, but Peng can organise that, I expect. Buses go to the Naturist Quarter directly from the station we are told but have booked a taxi to make sure.


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