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These apartments are all inside the resort and can be booked now!

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There are several companies who offer apartment rentals in the enclosed naturist resort in Cap d’Agde and these companies are mainly based in the U.S., UK, Germany and in France itself. Over the years some of these companies do change and in recent years Peng Travel went out of business and a few smaller companies have come into the market. Below we look at the main agencies and what I feel are the best options.

David and Ann Agency

David and Ann are a friendly couple who manage the largest number of rental units on the naturist resort and they offer a personalised and friendly service, including a weekly get together (normally on Sunday’s). David and Ann cater to all nationals and have apartments available in most of the accommodation blocks. Book an apartment in Cap d’agde with David and Ann.

David and James office

Apartment Rental Considerations

Make sure to consider the following when booking your accommodation, if any of these things might be important to the quality of your stay.

  • Is the apartment Air conditioned.
  • Level above ground.
  • Interior or exterior access.
  • Proximity to the livelier parts of the village.
  • Dedicated car-parking, if required.

Email David & Ann to book via: email:

Buying your Own

Another option and which some people do consider is to buy an apartment in the resort. The rental income over the course of a season can be very good although do remember and consider that the main season only really runs from June through until mid-September. You might possibly get rentals in May and later September but it really depends on that quality of your apartment. The very best apartments can get booked out at the very start of the season because of the great range of quality and sizes of different options on the market. The yield during the main season is enough to cover the whole year if you have a reasonable season. If you are a regular visitor every year to the village then buying a property might be worth considering. If you are looking to buy, send us an email and we can put you in touch with owners who are selling. Likewise, if you are selling an apartment, please feel free to email us.


Hotel in resort

Hotel Spa


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