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Our first time experience

My wife and I went to Cap in early July for a week, staying in the Rene Oltra campsite. I had read all there is to be read on the Internet and my wife was less informed but trusted my judgement.

After a long drive from Rome we arrived early morning and got checked in quickly. The campsite is great in my opinion, plenty of shade from a wide variety of plants and trees, and friendly people with a laid back attitude.

What I want to do here is to try to give readers a feel for Cap, not to say where to eat or whatever. What I write will just flow out in a lazy Cap-style I hope. I should say that we came from virtually no experience of being naturist.

After some initial hesitation, the clothes came off within one hour and it felt so normal but at the same exciting. The beach is beautiful and we say this having seen beaches around the world. Having the beach running parallel to the campsite was an immediate benefit. The water was really cold, thanks to the Tramontana wind, but the good thing was that this dry wind means you do not sweat so much. So we were already on the beach, as nature intended and immediately enjoying the site of a few thousand others also enjoying nature at its best. The beach is non-intrusive, with people walking up and down the mile or so along the naturist beach. A walk along the water’s edge, feet in the chilly water takes you past hundreds of people, of all shapes and sizes.

Back to the campsite for a wash in the communal shower and then back to the camper for dinner. It’s the little things that make the difference sometimes. Grace enjoyed being able to walk around without clothes on in the camper, with the curtains drawn wide and the breeze blowing through, not worrying about people seeing in. On the camp site you meet people quickly, if only to exchange a few words or smile at each other.

My wife bought an exotic and elegant dress in one of the boutiques in the resort on the first day although it turned out to be quite conservative compared to what we found some people wearing in the evenings. The first evening out we went to the Melrose and Eros (good hot dancing) before finishing in Tantra. We got in about 2.30, maybe early by Cap standards, but we’d had a great day and knew we had more to come.

Day two followed the same pattern, until we met an older couple who’d been going to Cap for years. They acted as our guides that evening, and gave us the low-down on all the clubs, which as everywhere rise and fall in popularity and change name with some frequency. We were now well into Cap. The weather was great, the beach was great.

Forget all the comments about Cap’s concrete ugliness; it’s below average food and above average prices. These are things from the real world. While you are in Cap you are free to do things you can do nowhere else in the world, live on some kind of fantasy level, and if you get into that spirit, it can be a magic place to be. I can appreciate that at least for us, being on the campsite (we love the open air) made it a far better experience than it would have been had we been in a studio flat in one of the complexes, living in concrete 24/24.

Back to the campsite around 1 in the morning, this time using the electric cart shuttle service to get back to the camper. With so many people at Cap it obvious that there is going to be the same cross-section of ages, looks and personalities as you will find in any resort. Including the pot bellied guy who wears a red mesh vest, black pvc pouch and cowboy boots.

A few guidelines for enjoying Cap:

  • Camp (mobile home, caravan, tent, camper) rather than stay in a flat.
  • Don’t take kids!

Anyway, leaving the campsite and Cap was hard, and we are already planning our return. We reckon 5-7 days is long enough, so that it stays special. We hope you enjoyed what I’ve written, and if you want to read about that last day, let us know.



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