Cap d'Agde



When to visit Cap d’Agde

Best time to visit Cap d’Agde? Many people ask when to to visit Cap d’Agde i.e. what the best month is? Below we take a look at..

What is the age range of visitors to Cap d’Agde

A very common question is about the age range of people who visit the naturism resort at Cap d’Agde. The truth is that literally..

Internet and WiFi Access

Baskins has WiFi (charged for) as well as computers to use for a charge. Baskins have about 8 desktops you can use or you can take in your..

What Nationalities go to Cap d’Agde

French, Italian, British, American? Who Goes to Cap d’Agde? Nationality wise, a lot of Europeans and North Americans. People..

Entering the Resort at Cap d’Agde

Access So you have finally found your way from the airport or motorway and you now find yourself at the entrance to Cap d’Agde Naturist..

Beach chair rentals at Cap d’Agde

Renting a sun bed, deck or beach chair and umbrella – There are 4 main vendors who offer beach chair and umbrella rental on the..

Do I need an FFN Card

You do not need to get an FFN card in advance because you can get it and pay for it when you check into the campsite. You do not need it to..

Winter Naturist Resorts

Winter Ideas There are still some great places to visit if you are desperate for some winter sun and at which you can enjoy the more..

Cost of staying in Cap d’Agde

Budget for 1 week The amount of money you will need really very much depends on your own personal habits and requirements. You can spend..


Hotel in resort

Hotel Spa


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