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Entering the Resort at Cap d’Agde

Entering the resort


So you have finally found your way from the airport or motorway and you now find yourself at the entrance to Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort. Below we look at how you enter the resort, what you might expect to start with and some tips about how to settle in and get started right away. When you arrive at the entrance to the enclosed naturism resort, you will have to register in the office just beside the entrance.

You will usually need to pay roughly 10 or 20 Euros for an entrance card. The office is very easy to see and the process is very simple and whilst there, try and grab a copy of the annual free magazine/guide called I’indispensable’ because it always has tonnes of information about things going on in Agde.

Once you have your entrance pass, you will then be able to enter the resort and it will not be long because you see your first of the clothes free species. Within a minute or so your eye will likely catch sight of a naturist walking around in the buff, including to the Post Office (which is just inside the main gate). You might only be entering the resort for the day on a day pass as some people do sometimes stay just outside of the main resort, although personally, I would recommend staying inside the naturism resort itself. If you do decide to stay outside of the resort you might like the town of Agde or the nearby fishing town of Sete.

when you come here as a visitor for one day, you can park your car inside the resort just after the entrance control. This parking is not so huge. You must get your access card in advance at the office in the entrance area. Parking can be difficult in summer as there are 1000 cars or more at the inside. Every apartment almost has its reserved parking space, that can be closed. You can also come in as a visitor without car at the entrance for pedestrians near the office where you buy your entrance card.

Year / Annual Passes

As a local resident of area 34300 (Agde) you can buy a year pass and I think its should be around 200 Euro but as a local owner you get a discount. Remember to take an electric or telephone bill with you as proof of ownership. The pass lets you and all the people in the car enter the on site 24/7 basis, but parking can be difficult in the high summer.

You might also be interested to learn more about what to find inside the resort and these pages can help you:

Day Passes for Entering Cap d’Agde

You can buy a day pass or 4 days pass as we did. Just follow the signs for the main entrance and there is an office just before the main gate. They speak English and said a 1 day pass is good for one entry only but a multi day pass gets you in and out all day long, be warned though that you have to be in before 8pm for any evening fun as the gates close for entry at that time.

Visitor Feedback:

  1. Drive to the control barrier parking area and buy a day pass/week pass/month pass, I don’t know how much it costs as we have a all year round membership. You need to get this during the daytime even if you only plan to visit at night as the kiosk closes at 8pm.
  2. Park at Marsallian Plage and walk the 1.5Km along the beach. It is a good walk during the day, with lots to see, however this is possibly not a good idea at night as its fairly dark.



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