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Gay Travel Report – Cap d’Agde

by John Peters – I have just returned from the Cap yesterday and I thought I’d write a trip report from a gay travel perspective as there is not too much written on the web for gay guys. This is purely from my own and very gay perspective! I’ve only been here once and for 10 days, so no expert.

Gay venues in France for vacation

Cap D’Agde is not a “gay destination” per se, such as Gran Canaria, Mykonos, Sitges, Palm Springs or Key West. You won’t find the bars and nightlife, however, it is a great, relaxing, entertaining and sometimes shocking place to holiday.

We flew into Bezier with RyanAir, a tiny but handy airport about 30 miles and 30 Euros by taxi from Cap D’Agde. I travelled with a friend who is slightly older than myself (40) and we stayed off the Naturist Centre in a mainstream campsite in Marseillen Plage, a number of main UK Tour operators use the site and we rented an “all mod cons” two bedroom mobile home for around 250 Euro for 10 Days.

Our flights cost around 35 Euro including Baggage and Taxes from the UK. So for a 10 night holiday for 180 Euro each on the Med a TOTAL bargain, and a cheaper option than staying in the naturist village. We are “fair weather” beach naturists, so this suited us fine!

The main naturist beach started around a 5-minute walk along the beach. The campsite had direct beach access, so it was a very easy trek compared to Sitges, Mykonos or Maspalomas. On our first morning we walked on up to the gay beach at around 11 am, the beach is pretty, clean and the water very clear, still a little bracing in June but warmed up during the holiday. The water is safe and shallow with sandbanks. On finding a spot our first impressions were that the area is quite mixed compared to other gay beaches I’ve been to, you soon realised that all genders mix quite comfortably here.

The age range in June was generally older but younger people seem to turn up during the afternoon and probably pitch up after work for a few hours. The beach is backed by a large dune area.

As for nightlife, there is one gay/friendly bar in the Naturist Village, friendly, but not too exciting. We didn’t try the mixed clubs, personally, I don’t like to mix straight and gay cruising. My thoughts are that I wouldn’t want straight people to intrude on my space or my clubs and I don’t want to get into situations where I make people feel uncomfortable. If I want gay cruise clubs I can go to Gran Canaria or London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam etc.

One little gay gem we found was in the village of Marseillen about 10 minutes drive from Marseillen Plage. A gay-owned Bar / Restaurant on the Port. I forget the name but it’s the first one you will come across, it’s upmarket and a nice area there with good views on the eating. Personally, we found Cap D’Agde and the Naturist Village, well dare I say overpriced, not so good food and frankly a bit seaside tacky compared to the amazing villages and towns in the area. Also, coming in from the beach to the centre we never got stopped or asked for any type of pass or to pay anything to enter the centre.

So really I’d summarise that it’s an alternative, interesting destination for a gay traveller. It’s cheap to get to and cheap to stay if you don’t mind being a ten-minute walk from the beach. Search further afield for some great restaurants, oysters and wine and sightseeing. Food and drink are expensive coming from the UK (Hey, you’re in the France post-Euro). You can have a lot of fun if you want too, then the evenings are left for more relaxing purposes. It makes for a great June break. What it lacked in some sides for the gay tourist it makes up in other ways. Would I go back? Well, probably yes!



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