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I have returned from a very enjoyable and interesting weeks stay at the Cap. I flew to Montpelier and picked up a hire car and drove to the Cap on Saturday the 14th. The naturist area was very well sign posted and I found my way to the Naturist area very easily. Paid my fee for 1 weeks entry and then made my way into the Cap d’Agde. Allocated a swipe card to grant access for you and your car. Followed the signs to the camp site and again registered. I was provided with another card and a rubber wrist band to grant access back into the camp site. All very straightforward and with minimum of delay. I went to work setting up my tent and was pretty much done and dusted by about 15:00pm.

The camp site is good but do not expect lots of lush grass to pitch your tent. It is pretty much sand and some grass/weeds etc. Not maybe what you are used to in the UK. But other than that one minor complaint I was happy with the camp site. It is huge. The toilet/shower blocks are fairly close at hand and there are many of them spread out throughout the camp site. Toilets are of the traditional french type (Hole in the ground where you squat) and the typical toilet where you sit. Lots of showers and wash hand basins, Showers were luke warm as opposed to hot. Facilities were clean and never too crowded.

The camp site had a good mix of German/French/Dutch and British. All ages although families were relatively scarce. Not school holidays in France yet. Weather for the first half of the week was suspect in fact we had about 36 hours of very poor weather. From about 15:00pm on Tuesday the weather improved significantly. Thursday night was the first night that you could have comfortably stayed in my birthday suit the whole time. On Friday night it was even warmer.

Up to about 18:00 to 19:00 I felt perfectly comfortable walking through the village and all 4 of the commercial centers completely without clothes. I have to say I do not think I will ever forget my first walk through a food store this way. Any later than that then people did dress up. Now you have heard it before and it is all true the people and the sights you see in the Cap are unique. The only place I have seen anything like it is when sitting in a bar. You will see everything from traditional wear such as jeans and t-shirt up to costumes with seem to be half missing and to everything imaginable. Lots of shops within the resort sell clothes which you might enjoy wearing in the evening there. Last night for my last meal I was shown to my seat by my waiter. So there you have it any ladies thinking about visiting the Cap wear as much or as little as you want. All will be welcome. Men like wise however for entry into clubs you have to have dress trousers and shoes as opposed to flip flops and shorts. Expect to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Average age in my opinion was probably in the high 40’s. In fact I felt quite young. Does not happen too often these days.

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