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Our experiences – (June & John, Bristol, UK)

Driving down on Friday was a little easier than the last two trips. We left a little later, planning to stop in Lyon overnight. We made the city of Nancy by noon, and Lyon before 4pm. Traffic had picked up by 3pm, but somehow we just slipped right through Lyon. As the traffic reports on 107.7 were clear all the way to the Cap, and I was feeling good, we decided to just push on. Travel time was 11 hours and we got here just before the sun went down.

We had a reservation for a Port Nature villa for Saturday and we already had the keys. So we thought what the hell, let’s see if it’s occupied and if not we would phone the owner. Unfortunately there were guests in the unit, enjoying their last night. They were friendly and let us know they would be gone early because they had a long drive too. We checked with Hotel Eve and they had one villa available for one night at an exorbitant rate that I won’t mention. It was about double what we would have paid in Lyon, but we took it because it was either that or sleep in the car.

We had a shower and we were off for drinks at Johnny Wokkers. It was karaoke night, so we didn’t stay long. Picked up a pizza on the walk back to Hotel Eve and passed out well before midnight on our first night of vacation.

Saturday we were up at the crack of 9 for coffee and croissants, and a walk on the beach. We did a little shopping around Port Nature and by the time we looked in at our reservation, last week’s tenants were gone. Superb! We moved in and got down to that serious business of unpacking was little we had brought.

That evening I made a spaghetti dinner after our usual late afternoon beach walk. I have to say, the couples zone on the beach was busier than ever. Later we met a very pleasant couple from Dublin down at Johnny Wokkers. After a while we invited them back for drinks. They were about our age and have been coming to the Cap for over 20 years.

Sunday, and I will not get up until the sun is over the yardarm. Not that it mattered, because we slept so well. We did our Sunday things at the Cap. Slept late, walked the beach twice, napped in the afternoon and went out for a late dinner. We tried Le Mississippi because it’s convenient and the food is usually pretty good. I enjoyed my pepper steak and fries but my wife wasn’t too happy with her salad. I’m sure she’ll take the mussels next time.

We had a drink at Johnny’s before setting off for a bit of a pub crawl. Shortly before 11pm and Melrose was just as loud as usual, but not nearly as packed as usual. If they would get a clue about the volume thing? I could probably be talked into spending some money there. La Piloterie in Port Ambonne had a couple of live singers doing a fairly mixed bit of music, so that was good for a couple of drinks. And 1664 in Heliopolis also had their live music going on and then we went back to Johnny’s for a last drink.

Something you should know about Johnny’s. He’s asking customers to come dressed after 9pm. He’s basically targeting an older crowd of men who are nursing one beer per hour. The women are still coming in some quite interesting outfits.

Monday, and after the usual morning routine starting with coffee and croissants, a beach walk, and then we drove into Agde for some grocery shopping. Now being amply stocked it was back to the villa and the patio for a few drinks, an early dinner, before the second beach walk of the day. Drinks were at Johnny’s again to finish off the night!



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