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Bluffers Guide to Cap d’Agde

Heliopolis apartments in Agde.

Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to Cap d’Agde and the naturist resort, you might find our Top 8 Bluffers guide tips to Cap d’Agde below of interest.

1. Johnny Wokkers

Who are what is Johnny Wokkers? Johnny Wokkers is the only British pub and bar in the naturist resort and has an upstairs terrace which looks out onto the beach; and a downstairs area. The pub is located in the Port Nature building close to the sea. (More on Johnny Wokkers in Agde).

2. Hotel Eve

Hotel Eve is the original hotel in the resort and is a hotel which is still popular. There are several other hotels within the resort though which have now been built and com is accompanied by Jardin Eden, Natureva Spa and Le Riad.

3. What is Rene Oltra

You will often hear about ‘Rene Oltra’ when you hear about the resort and you will likely wonder what on earth Rene Oltra are? They are in fact a family and they have complete control and ownership of the camp site area within the resort. If you want to go camping in the resort, you will have to book with Rene Oltra.

4. Le Ghymnos

Le Ghymnos is one of the best and most popular restaurants in the resort and on a Friday or Saturday evening in season, you will find yourself having to queue to be seated. The food is good and prices very reasonable. Their specialty is there pizzas and which are cooked in a traditional stone oven.

5. Tramontana

If you hear that the Tramontana is one its way, you might want to make sure you have wind breaker when on the beach. The Tramontana is a wind which sometimes blows in from the Bay of Biscay.

6. Beziers

Beziers is a town close to Agde and is home to the closest international airport serving the naturist resort. Ryanair and Flybe both fly into this town.

7. Port Nature

Port Nature is the name of one of the main accommodation blocks within the resort and is designed such that from a distance, the building looks like a long boat. This block also plays home to dozens of the resort shops, many bars and several retaurants. The building goes from the village marina up to the just in front of the beach.

8. Foam Party

Also sometimes known as the Bubbles party, the foam party takes place just beside the beach on most days in July and August (weather pending), in the daytime – at the resort. This for some people is the highlight of their visit. Dancing and frolicking in the pool, enjoying the bar and relaxing in the summer sun is a great way to enjoy the resort.

More Ideas: Cap d’Agde Facilities and check out the Hotel Eve experience.

Written by Paul Peters.



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