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Beginners Guide to Cap d’Agde

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If you have never been to Cap d’Agde before and are thinking of going, this post is you for you! In the information below, I will explain what the resort is all about, some of the main information you need to know and much more!

What is Special about the resort?

The naturist resort at Cap d’Agde is said to be the largest in the world. A range of visitor numbers have been bounded around and certainly in the busiest months of June, July and August, there are thousands of people in the resort,  roaming the beach is their birthday suits and enjoying the facilities. What really makes this resort incredible though is that within the resort itself (there is a main entrance gate to enter the resort from the clothed areas) everything you can possibly need is contained within the resort. You could literally, for example, live in the resort for 4 months and not need to go out of the main gates. The reason is because the facilities you will need are all here and you can throw in a 1.5 mile sandy and wide beach. Facilities include:

  • A range of accommodation choices including hotels, apartments, camping area (with pitches, chalets and villas).
  • More than a dozen bars and nightclubs, around 30 shops, 2 main supermarkets, post office, garage, hairdressers, chemists, newsagents, a dozen plus restaurants and a lot more! This in effect is really a self-contained mini naturist city.
  • The resort attracts a wide range of visitors in terms of nationalities, ages and interest types ie. naturist  swingers, the curious, gay, and those just looking for a new and unique experience.

Cap d’Agde is located in the south of France and it is arguably the most unique resort of its type in the world. The chance to feel liberated, be in a place with great summer weather and to shed the class barriers that exist in a clothed resort and lifestyle. People who visit first almost always return again and again!!!

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Common Questions – Quick Answers

I am a solo traveller. Can I visit the resort? Absolutely. Couples, families, single people – it does not matter who you are. Last summer the front office did though insist that some single travellers had reservations already booked so I would advise to be booked up before visiting the resort.

What if I am shy at first. Do I have to be naked immediately? This is a naturist resort and so it is recommended that you intend to embrace the nature of this resort so that it maintains its character and purpose. People of course though understand if you need an hour or two to get used to the place and to get settled in.

Is naturism healthy? Who goes to a resort such as Cap d’Agde? A good report to read based on a recent university research can be found here entitled: Being naked makes us happier! In terms of who visits the resort, you will literally come across people from all walks of life including teachers, judges, business owners, home keepers, office workers – well – you get the point. People from every possible lifestyle, job type, age and from countries including Italy, USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, to name but a few.

How do I get to the resort? It really depends on where you are coming from i.e. what country you live in but there are some general things to consider. Firstly, if you arrive by train then the train station is ‘Agde’ and not Cap d’Agde in that the town of Agde is where the main train station is. From the train station you can jump in a taxi or get a local bus direct to the resort. It about 4 milers so not that far. You can fly into the small regional airport Beziers or into the larger and more international airport Montpellier. If you need an airport transfer on arriving at the resort you can email us at paul (at) or fill in our contact form.

What should I expect when arriving? What will it be like? The mind can go into overdrive in wondering what to expect when first walking into a resort where you will be faced with so much naked flesh. You can learn about the etiquette and what other first timers say about their first visit to the resort by reading the resort reviews here.

What do I need to pack? What should I bring with me? This is perhaps an obvious question given that this resort is so unique and that you might actually not need very much clothing at all! But people do, for example, dress up in quite interesting and sexy nightwear in the evenings so what to pack is a good question. You can read the guide to what to pack here.

How can U get a job in the resort? The truth is that it is not the type of summer resort where you can get a job very easily. A very high percentage of the people who work at the resort tend to be the business owners themselves or people who have worked for them for many years. The French authorities also tend to be quite strict if you do not have the appropriate paperwork so my recommendation is to visit the resort as a holiday or vacation and not target this resort as a place to try and find work.

What about WiFi or a internet connection? I need to keep in touch with my office? This is a common question so I will answer it by giving you the link below to the internet and WiFi access page I wrote a while back.

Internet and WiFi Access

I have another question about the resort. Who can I ask? If you have any other questions of any kind about the resort then please feel free to write to us via the feedback form here!



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