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Nightclubs and Prices. Cap d’Agde Resort

Drinking in nightclub

(Note: Prices are subject to change and may now be different. You might want to contact each club specifically for exact prices). Note that to get into some clubs men have to wear proper shoes and trousers (pants in American English). If you wear a smart casual shirt, trousers and proper shoes then you will avoid getting rejected from entering a club as happened to me the first time 🙂 If you are drinking in one of the bars then you can pretty much wear anything you want or do not want to. It is more for clubs such as Le Glamour for which you are best off taking the safe bet and dressing up. Nightlife and nightclubs are part of the attraction with this resort having everything on site.

Le Glamour

Approx. 50 Euro for a couple with 2 drinks – the best and the biggest club and very popular with young couples. Le Glamour Foam Party (according to weather and often daily in August and between 2pm and 7pm outdoors) – can be quite an unforgettable spectacle and experience. Le Gamlour is popular also with the locals who come into the resort on weekends hence this club is also open out of the main tourist season.

Le Tantra

40 Euro for a couple with 2 drinks – this club is smaller then Glamour but also a very good one. The dance floor is a little small but nice. This club is one of the orginal clubs and continues to be popular.

Le Jules

35 Euro for a couple with 2 drinks. In this club the age of the couples are between 40-50, the dance floor is bigger than Le Tantra but smaller than Glamour.

Visitor Feedback: We have only used Le Jul and last year that was 50 Euro’s for entry for 2 and included 3 drinks each. Club was very busy, bar staff were good and we had some great fun so will be back there when we visit.

Melrose Bar

‘Melrose’ bar is the place till one o’clock and really kicks off at eleven – great DJ and such an electric atmosphere. People are open and … tactile. Found everyone friendly and warm whatever you are looking for. If you really want the tantric experience then try ‘Histoire D’O’ sauna open at 2pm. So cool and ultimate place for pleasure for all. Was for me anyway.

The Hammam

30 Euros for a couple with 2 drinks.

Le Look

Le Look is a fun place. It has a “storefront” area, a covered patio area and plenty of open air space. They deejay spins some good music, with a nice variety. The bartenders are nice, and there’s always a nice crowd. It was always packed by late night in August and is especially popular with gay visitors to Cap.


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