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Staying in Hotel Eve, Cap d’Agde – My Experience

My Hotel Eve experience Very much enjoyed my stay, at Hotel Eve, last year, during the last week of the shoulder season, (30th May –..

Do I need to speak French at Cap d’Agde?

Is French needed at Cap? French is definitely an advantage when in France unsurprisingly. At the same time though, unless your French is..

Is it safe in Cap d’Agde Naturism Resort?

Cap d’Agde regular Joe Burns reports: “I’ve been in the Cap on three occasions as a single male and I must say that I have never..

Cap d’Agde Information Guide

There are always so many questions that we get asked on email for this site about so many different aspects of the naturism resort at Cap..

Do I need a French Naturism Association Card

Up until now you have not needed to be a member of any naturism association when you enter the resort. This seems to have changed though..

Cap d’Agde Resort Access and Main Gate

Entrance to the Resort The front main gate is the one secure point of entry and you need a reservation or to buy a day or week pass. Prices..

Taking photos and Photography in Cap d’Agde

Taking pictures and photos in the naturism resort is not a good idea i.e. you should not sit on the beach taking photos of other naturists..

Advice and Tips for Gay visitors

A large number of Gay visitors visit the resort each year and there are many questions that commonly get asked. Below a look at some of the..

Working and Getting a Job in Cap d’Agde

The season generally runs for the most part, from May through to the end of September and thus the season is limited and not all year..


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