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Do I need to speak French at Cap d’Agde?


Is French needed at Cap?

French is definitely an advantage when in France unsurprisingly. At the same time though, unless your French is fluent, it is difficult to carry on an in-depth conversation on any topic with native French speakers. I’ve always found though, that while it might take a little longer to get your point across and to understand what is being said in company, the French will generally have patience while you do your best (and commit your gaffes lol) in their language.

People from all around the world visit the naturism resort at Cap d’Agde and speaking French is not a necessity. You can easily stay in the resort for a week and not speak a word of French. They tend to have the menus also in English in many of the restaurants.

Having said that French is not necessary, at least being able to say a few words certainly can help to improve your experience. Even getting to the resort, being able to communicate with the taxi driver for example, can make the trip less stressful.

Try and learn some French basics if you can. The easiest way is to listen to the Michel Thomas French CDs – learning the basics without the need to study or write anything down.

French is not an easy language to learn but the basics such as how to greet people, thank you, please, and a pictionary of list of some basic food items listed also in French will make your stay much easier.



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