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What types of Shops are on the Resort?

Quite small individual shops, but you can get everything you’ll ever need there. You will find everything from small supermarkets, boutique shops, more than one bakery, souvenir shops (they sell German and English newspapers also) and a couple of fruit and veg stores. In addition you have the bars, restaurants and cafes.

You can buy everything in the shops at Heliopolis and Port Ambonne. If you like to shop in a hypermarket, go by car outside the resort, direction A9 to the Hyper U shopping Center at Agde. Shopping in Cap d’Agde is not an issue if you are planning to stay on the resort for a week or even a month. You CAN find everything you need within the resort itself.

On the campsite is a Boulangerie / cafe. Fruit and veg stall. The “Sun Beach” cafe and restaurant is a few minutes walk towards the beach. The shops in the village where you can get your day to day provisions, are just 5 mins. walk away.The rest of the resort’s bars restaurants and shops are no more than 10 mins. walk away.

The shops are open all days during the busy periods. Most close or have limited opening during the off/shoulder seasons. You should find
all you need. Depends on when you’re there. For greater choice and if you have a car, there’s a large hypermarket on the road to Cap D’Agde from Béziers, just before the turn-off for the Cap – say 3-4 kms from the naturist quarter.

Report from Catherine and Clive (Bristol, UK): Food is very expensive in the naturist village. For example in the supermarkets 1 liter of fresh milk is around 2 Euros and sun cream can be as much as 20 Euros for a small bottle. If you have a car it would be best to shop outside the camp-site. I believe the nearest shopping center is Agde Hyper U and should only take 5 minutes driving there. The bus outside the camp-site also stops at this shopping center.



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