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The beach at Cap dagde is an excellent one and even in the busy periods, the beach is wide and long and thus there is always plenty of space. It is not like one of the Spanish narrow beaches with people crowded body to body.

The beach is sandy and shallow waters and often warm. On a summers day hundreds of people can often be seen walking up and down the beach and of course, without a stitch on.

Cap d’Agde beach is an excellent French beach and certainly one of the highlights for many of visiting this naturism resort. Many people walk up and down 2 or 3 times a day and find the combination of the view, the exercise and the chance to swim in the shallow and warm water, a great way to enjoy an hour or two each day.

Many beaches in tex tiled areas of France would struggle to match the long and wide sandy beach at Le Cap daDe in the naturism section and the beach is certainly a strong point for the resort.

Facilities on the beach at Cap d’Agde include:

Phil THFC’s report: Beach: Everything everyone says is correct! Amazing place and the beach is still a fantastic place. Its is in many ways divided into three all by itself and it is really remarkable how it all fits together with no obvious sign as to where the boundaries are! The beach seems to naturally separate into a couples section, gay section and family section but this is not a given. Several coffee and refreshments carts roam the beach also which can be handy when you want an ice cream or coca cola or something. Several beach bars that are well worth visiting as well. The beach itself is great – did a run along the tide line and back each morning and was perfect for that. The beach seemed very clean also.

“About the beach – since we all spend most of the hours there. I believe the quality of the sand and water is superb. Very clean soft white sand while the water is warm enough in late June when we first visited the place but quite cold during our second visit at the end of August. We always preferred to rent sun beds and umbrellas in front of a restaurant and bar next to Heliopolis because it is a very well organised restaurant,there is an open shower and you can have your drinks and food served at your sun-bed. We spent the morning until 4-5 pm there and then we would take our towels and walk to the “couples” area of the beach which is about 10 minutes walk to the left.”

“Everybody wanders around, admiring what others are wearing, we never saw anyone pointing and laughing at anyone else and what they were wearing or doing; it was a very liberating and reassuring experience.”



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