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There are more than 10 bars on the naturism resort at Cap d’Agde and each has its own advantage and style. Below we take a look at the options for drinking holes in the resort with some of the best bars in Cap d’ Agde.

Melrose Bar

Melrose is very often packed and is an extremely popular bar on the resort in the evenings. The bar tends to have a very lively atmosphere and it is used by many people to have a few drinks before they head one of the clubs such as Juls Nightclub. If you walk around the resort at night time, you will for sure find yourself walking past Melrose bar at some point in the night.

Johnny Wokkers

At the sea end of the Port Nature building, Johnny Wokkers bar is particularly popular pub style bar with English speaking visitors to Cap d’Agde. Johnny Wokkers sometimes do a Karaoke night and the guy who organises it really does a great job. You can also get WiFi access in the bar okay most of the time and this is also a place at which you can often catch the Premiership football games and F1, if you catch Johnny in a good mood.

Bar 1664

Bar 1664 is popular as a place to sit outdoors and to people watch as people walk to and from the Heliopolis shopping centre and building. 1664 is a great location for an early evening drink or back from the
beach and great for people watching.


Situated close to the beach, it is a perfect place for a morning coffee and croissant and for an evening cocktail. Many people head to Horizon for breakfast close to the beach before then going for a nice stroll up the length of the sandy beach.

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