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The Cap is whatever you want it to be! For example, you may choose to stay in the camping site, a rented apartment or villa or even the Hotel Eve – depending on what you want. The same choices as you would have in most holiday locations.

The site, while diverse, is not large, so no one accommodation type is too far removed from the beach, the shops, the nightlife, whatever. So, I would suggest that it’s almost immaterial as to where you stay. It’s only the usual mundane considerations that you need to make when booking – i.e. quiet, level of comfort, size of balcony, upstairs v downstairs, proximity to beach or some other attraction, aspect, sun in the evening/morning etc.

While I have not stayed in the campsite but I have walked through it and it has its own ambience, if that’s what you desire. I tend to go for a third/fourth floor apartment – easterly aspect overlooking the beach, or west facing for the evening sun, and away from the immediate areas of the ‘centres commerciales’ in order to avoid excessive evening noise and music on those nights when one does want a decent sleep!

The rental apartments tend to be a little dated (60s/70s), but that’s not really a problem. The villas, while more expensive, are normally¬†nicely situated in quieter areas and will normally be of more recent construction. The rest of it, as you suggest, is essentially a small holiday town with a working port and a fabulous beach. The ambience overall is undoubtedly French, so some of that language would help. The continuing attraction is that one can be without any clothes 24/7 for your entire holiday – and that includes all shopping, eating, strolling etc. So do minimise the packing!

The Cap is a great place for all kinds of sun-related fun:

  • The beach is a great sunbathing beach – about 2km in length, without a lot of water sports, so great swimming too (although jellyfish have been observed in the water). It can sometimes get a little windy, so be prepared for that too.
  • Probably all of your holiday requirements will be met by the range of shops, boutiques, beauty parlours, bars, restaurants, saunas and services available, although the petrol station was closed last time I was there!
  • Not to forget the simple pleasures of a stroll along the beach, around the site, including the harbour, or perhaps a game of boules.
  • Certainly you can walk around in your birthday suit 24/7, so no real need to pack many clothes!
  • There are many clubs available for all kind of night-time fun, so do make a point of visiting at least one.
  • Many people do dress up in the evenings and the ladies nearly always in something interesting.
  • The overall ambience is undoubtedly French, so any French language speaking skills you have will be useful.
  • Generally the buildings are somewhat dated – being of 1960’s and 1970’s vintage, but there has been some newer development.



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