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Review – The Resort ee love – by Helen

We have been here on site all summer and spent a total of 6 months here on the resort. First of all, we’ve both noticed a huge improvement in our general health and well being. The pure sea air helps a lot, as do the many beach walks we’ve taken, and of course, the fresh natural food, particularly the quality of the fruit and vegetables you get out here, not to mention all the fish and seafood available. The Mediterranean diet is supposed to be the most healthy diet in the world. Even in the Winter, the supermarket is well stocked with decent food.

We can’t get enough of the fresh bread, croissants, and chaussons pomme in the morning from the two bakers in Port Ambonne which are both open all year. Swimming with no costumes in the pool is not to be missed! We have a private swimming pool, but it’s available to all people staying in the Port Soleil residence and I believe that applies to Port Venus as well. There’s a deep end and it’s 17 or 18 metres long, so you can swim proper lengths. Once you’ve swam without a costume, you won’t ever want to wear one in the water again!

Ditto for the sea. There are some lovely warm currents of water if you can find them. Also there’s a sand bank which runs alongside the couples beach, so you can wade out safely for quite a distance and still only be up to your knees! Handy if you want a bit of privacy in the water, away from all the people on the beach! The temperature can go up to 23c, and was still warm enough to swim in this October.

We love waking up and going onto the balcony to sniff the warm air without having to worry about putting clothes on first. It’s lovely to let your skin breathe first thing in the morning, especially if there’s a Summer breeze blowing.

Walking along the beach is a must, of course, even out of season, and enjoying the fresh air. The sea looks lovely all year round. I had my last swim on the 15th October and went for a lovely walk in the warm sunshine on the 8th December and also went topless that day. Having the beach on our doorstep is truly wonderful!

The bar and 2 restaurants in Port Ambonne are open all year and there was even live music on the 6th December, a Monday, when we were fully expecting the place to be dead at this time of year. We think that more and more people are deciding to live here, so it can only get even busier out of season.

It’s really special watching the moon rise over the sea. Beautiful. This happens around the last 3rd of the month in the Summer when the moon is full. Even better doing the above whilst sitting outside Johnny Wokkers pub, or on the decking outside L’Horizon restaurant.

The sauna is so relaxing, even if you’re not interested in the wilder side of things. You can just chill out in the Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi or very relaxing bar areas. The toilets are immaculate and always smell lovely. The whole place is always very clean. It has a much bigger traditional Finnish sauna and a pool rather than a jacuzzi. They also have a nice cold buffet on Sundays at 6pm, and on Saturdays there’s an all-inclusive night for 50 Euros a couple. They offer a sweet and savoury buffet and free soft drinks, plus alcoholic drinks within reason on Saturdays. In the Winter you can purchase a discount card for 150 Euros per couple which lets you in for half price from the end of November until the end of April, which is great if you live close by or in the resort as we do!



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