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What Nationalities go to Cap d’Agde

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French, Italian, British, American? Who Goes to Cap d’Agde? Nationality wise, a lot of Europeans and North Americans. People worldwide though visit Agde including from afar afield as Australia and NZ. With the resort being in France, there are of course a high percentage of French people, especially in the camping area. Italians make up a high number of visitors and you can certainly expect to hear Italian being spoken whilst in the resort. British, German, Swedish, American, Australian and Canadian visitors can also always be seen in the resort whilst a smaller number of people from countries such as India, China, NZ and Japan do sometimes visit.

The Resort itself

You could perhaps say that in general people who visit do tend to be quite open-minded, given the nature of the resort. This makes it all the more relaxing than a clothed location.

You literally see all types of people at Cap d’Agde. Naturist Families, couples, single people, gay, swingers and the curious. The beauty about Cap d’Agde is that it has something pretty much for everyone. If you just want a great long sandy beach with the weather to match, you have it. If its a very well organised camping area, where you can relax with your family and spend a few weeks in a mobile home on site and parallel to the beach. it is here also.

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