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Cost of staying in Cap d’Agde

Spending money

Budget for 1 week

The amount of money you will need really very much depends on your own personal habits and requirements. You can spend hundreds of Euros a day if you rent the beach chairs and go to the best restaurants and have a few cocktails each night, on the resort. You can also though live much cheaper by staying in a tent on the camp site and cooking for yourself. Below some feedback from others:

“I just got back from a week there and spent about 300 euros which included transfers and train from Montpelier. I didn’t eat in the restaurants but cooked in the apartment.”

“As for spending money that all depends on your lifestyle. We spent £500 in 7 days. £160 on that was entrance to the clubs though. We ate out most nights though.”

“A quick calculation based on eating out at 30 Euros per person every lunchtime and evening, plus 4 bar priced drinks per person per day, plus paid entrance to a club at 50 euros per couple every night! (and some clubs are free) means you’ll be fine on 2000 USD.”

“One week: Money wise $2000 USD will see you okay and you will go home with plenty out of that”.

“First-timers will be pleased to know that most of the places you will go to in the evening are free entry. This means you can go from one to another, seeing which you like best, having a drink or not as you prefer. If you are on a tight budget you can still dance into the night for the price of a drink or less. At the Eros bar, in our opinion the best, I bought a Perrier and enjoyed the evening there. The easy going nature struck me more than the saving we made.”

“Prices: Excluding the clubs (which I know nothing about) prices were not as bad as i was expecting. Shops seemed pretty reasonable and you can do a week reasonably cheaply if you wanted. The beer (including use of the pool) was 3 Euro. Meals ranged from around 8 Euro for a takeaway, through to 12 Euro for a set meal including wine in the cheaper cafes to 20 Euro for some excellent food”.



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