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Best time to visit Cap d’Agde?

Many people ask when to to visit Cap d’Agde i.e. what the best month is? Below we take a look at a summary of our reader comments.


Mary Jones: May is definitely a transition month. The water is still cold. It can be windy and drizzly. Or, it can be gorgeous, albeit a little cool, so long as you don’t go swimming. And, May is not particularly busy. The later in the month, the better your chances of catching some good weather, and the busier it gets, but it won’t be anything like July and August.

Cap Regular visitor comment: In May just about everything will be open and there will be a reasonable number of people about, but not as busy as July/August. I personally prefer May and June as later the Cap becomes very busy. As for the weather that is always difficult to predict but normally it should be quite hot during the day but you may need to wear some clothing in the evening. The problem with the weather is that in recent years it has become more variable and not following the usual trend to the same extent, but I have found May to generally be very pleasant, July/August can become too hot for some people if you are not used to the heat.


Don’t worry about going in June. There will be lots of people there, about 60% capacity I would say. I am going to the Cap at the beginning of May and already a lot of the accommodation is booked up at present. The weather will be hot in June and there should be a good buzz about the place.

Anthony: We were there 5th, 6th and 7th June, it was lovely and sunny, warm with just a light wind. Had a brilliant time as always. We have nearly always found June a good month to go, in May, you do run the risk of changeable weather sometimes. Septembers a lovely month as well, the summer heat’s eased off a little and school holidays are over!


Weather in August? The apartment I had last year had a thermometer attached to the inside of the runner of the shutters that registered 47C at one point. Okay, not accurate because although it was in the shade it was attached to a steel section. The real temperature was probably the mid thirties. If you’ve not been to the Cap before then hope for a thunderstorm. A real ‘experience’ is walking without clothes through a torrential downpour of (relatively) warm rain. August is the best weather, and the water is its warmest, but August also the most crowded month. So, make your reservations early.


  • We my wife and I visited Cap last year the same time (mid September) and it was getting a bit cold in the evenings. But people are clothed in any case in the evenings. There were not so many people but in the middle of the day there were quite a number of people on the beach and in the restaurants. Some of the shops was already closed but there was enough the look at and spend your money in. Not so sure bout the clubs as we did not try any.
  • We went last year in Sept (at the start of the month) and it is still warm, most of the places are still open including clubs etc be wary of the winds that hit the beach occasionally cause they sandblast you! Apart from that we enjoyed it and there are still plenty of people there too, the good thing is that the French are all back to work and the main visitors come from other countries.
  • I was at Cap in mid September 2 years ago and it was fine. Weather wise, it can be a bit unpredictable (out of 7 days, 1 was raining, 2 were cloudy, the rest was warm and sunny). There are still lots of people around and all the clubs are open.
  • We have been to Cap for the last3 years during the last two weeks in September and we have booked for the same two weeks this year (15th – 27th Sept ). The weather was generally good although we had a couple of wet days last year but it was the same through out the Med. Most places were open during the first week of our stay but after the middle weekend things wound done very quickly and there were only a couple of bars open by the Tuesday, but as you are off home on the 18th it should be ok for you.
  • September is usually a pleasant time in Languedoc, with temperatures occasionally reaching 30 deg C, but the weather is less predictable than in July or August, particularly towards the end of the month. However, rainy or cloudy episodes rarely last more than a day or two and you’d be unlucky to have more than one such period in a two-week stay. The wind can be troublesome, lowering the temperature and causing the sea to be too rough for bathing, but that part of the Mediterranean is well known for its windy climate during most of the year anyway. The worst aspect of September are the short days. The air doesn’t warm up until 9.30 to 10.00 am and it’s all but dark by 20.30, but it’s not an unpleasant situation. As with most holiday resorts, activities start to wind down at the end of the peak season and Cap d’Agde is no exception. All along the coast between the Spanish border and Marseille it’s a similar situation. But looking on the positive side, there’s still enough activity for most tastes, it’s less crowded and many things, especially accommodation and ferry crossings, are much cheaper. My wife and I have had holidays in Languedoc at all times between the end of May and the beginning of October, but now that we can go whenever we choose, we prefer June and September.


We always visit Cap at end of October (as well as other times) and have found the weather can be a mixture between warm and wet, not hot and not too cold. We have sun bathed in the past on the good day’s and on the not so good day’s we go bike riding around the numerous trails. In Cap during the low season it is quiet, but can still be fun although very quiet.

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Cap d’Agde is more than just the naturism resort. The local area includes textile areas, stores, beaches and local area. If you are reading this site though, most likely you are interested in learning about the best time to visit the naturism resort at Cap d’Agde.

In terms of the naturism resort, certainly the better the weather, the more appropriate for clothes free days. Based on this, June, July and August are the best times to visit Cap d’Agde. In these 3 main summer months, although great weather is not guaranteed, it is highly likely.

Expect temperatures between 25 and 30 Celsius (in the 70s for Fahrenheit) and make sure to remember to use the sun tan lotion – and all over!

The 2nd half of May and the 1st half of September though can also often be very nice in terms of weather and with the resort not too overcrowded. It is though certainly more of a gamble with the weather if you choose these times. Overall, the best time to visit Cap d’Agde really depends on your own needs but if you can handle the heat and crowds, you cannot go far wrong by visiting in July or August.



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