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Cap d’Agde Beach Guide

The beach at Cap dagde is an excellent one and even in the busy periods, the beach is wide and long and thus there is always plenty of..

Types of accommodation in Cap d’Agde

There are a number of options for accommodation within the naturist resort and these include: Naturist camping – with bungalows, camp..

Bicycle Rental Hire in Cap d’Agde

You can hire bikes at the AGN office near the postal office. The prices when we last used them were around 15 Euros per day. The resort is..

Swimming pools in Cap d’Agde

There are in fact 3 pools we know of in the Naturiste Village. One just behind and below the Calypso Restaurant near Johnny..

Shopping in Cap d’Agde

What types of Shops are on the Resort? Quite small individual shops, but you can get everything you’ll ever need there. You will find..

Johnny Wokkers Pub

You will hear the term Johnny Wokkers a lot because it is a popular English bar pub which is very popular with English speaking visitors to..

Gym and Exercise Fitness Facilities

There are various classes you can do whilst staying inside the resort. The pool in the centre of the Helio Village often offers Water..

Best Pubs and Bars in Cap d’ Agde

There are more than 10 bars on the naturism resort at Cap d’Agde and each has its own advantage and style. Below we take a look at..

Cash points and ATM Machines

There certainly are a few Cash points (ATM machines) in the resort and these include just by the end of the main walk way by the beach..

2+2 Sauna Cap d’Agde

2×2 is in the centre of the Port Ambonne centre commercial, on the ground floor. It is on the main semi-circular passageway through..

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