Cap d'Agde


General Information

Agde beach

Age Range of Visitors

One naturally will wonder what type of people go to Cap d’Agde and the age range is one common question we are often asked.

How do I get into the resort?

Is there a main gate and what do I need to enter the resort? Are there certain hours i must enter the resort?


For any holiday or vacation worldwide, it is natural to ask about the security and safety of the place in mind. Is the resort safe to visit?

Must I be able to speak French?

A subject which might at first trouble you when you initially consider visiting the resort is the language barrier. Do you really need to speak French to visit cap d’Agde in France? Want to read about Cap d’Agde in Italian for your visit to France?

From what Nations do visitors come

You might be wandering if your fellow country folk visit Cap d’Agde and the chances are there are people from your country – given the truly international nature of the resort. Some nationalities though do dominate.

What is the weather like

The truth is that you can do a Google search for Cap d’Agde Weather and you will either end up on this or our sister site – or you’ll find Google Weather for Agde. You can though visit our page on Cap d’Agde Weather to get an idea of the best time to visit the naturism resort. You might also be interested to learn more about the infamous Tramontana winds.

Resort Reviews

What are some of the thoughts of visitors to Cap d’gde. We take a look at snippet reviews of Cap d’Agde from the visitors themselves.

Cap d’Agde further information

We also get asked about a lot of other things regards to staying on the resort including for information on how to rent a beach chair and also where to enjoy naturism in Spain – given that many people like to do a 2 destination trip.

Time to visit Agde

Is the resort open in the winter time? When do the shops open? What are the best months? We take a look at the best times to visit Cap d’Agde.

Gay Visitors

Some general advice for gay visitors to the resort.

Getting Internet Access

Many people like to try and stay at Cap d’Agde for more than one week but rely on Internet access to make this possible, given work commitments. Learn about Internet access at the resort.

How about Bicycle Hire

It is possible to rent a bicycle at the resort and we take a look at where at how to rent a bicycle in Cap d’Agde.


Hotel in resort

Hotel Spa


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