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Is it safe in Cap d’Agde Naturism Resort?

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Cap d’Agde regular Joe Burns reports: “I’ve been in the Cap on three occasions as a single male and I must say that I
have never seen evidence whatsoever of bad behaviour. Even 39 in those clubs that I have been in at night, when people might have had a few drinks, behaviour is excellent. Of course, one takes any normal precautions regarding personal behaviour, valuables, etc. as one might do in any holiday location. However, for example, I’ve seen many obviously valuable belongings left on the beach while their owners were in for a swim and no one would go near them”. “Recently the local regional newspaper, Midi Libre, reported that the Chief of Police for the Agde region said that the naturism village was the safest place under his jurisdiction.”

“So, per the Agde police chief’s comments (that the naturist resort is one of the safest places in Agde), perhaps it is the common cause of nudity that imbues the place with a sense of tranquility and the definite lack of a sense of others trying to gain an edge, legally or otherwise. After all, no one can really flash their valuables, clothes, cars etc. by the very nature of the place – thus minimising any feelings of greed or inadequacy for example. We’re all in the same boat once there!”

One of the attractions for many people is the fact the resort is enclosed and thus has tended to be so good in terms of safety. To enter the resort you have to enter a main security gate and there is also another security barrier to enter the camp site. I have never heard of trouble myself and you also do not tend to have very many cars etc in the resort area thus the resort also tends to be quite safe in terms of being able to walk around.



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