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Weather and the Tramontana Winds in Cap dAgde

Tramontana winds

Cap gets two main winds, the Mistral, coming down the Rhone valley, blowing in from over your left shoulder as you look out to sea, and the Tramontana, which comes the the ‘Carcassone Gap’ from the Bay of Biscay, blowing over your right shoulder as you look out to sea.

The Tramontana really brings the sea temperature down. It was too cold for long swims in early August last year, although the water had been warm earlier in the summer. These offshore winds push off the warm surface water, which is replaced by colder water from deeper down. The good thing about these winds is that you don’t sweat, even if it’s hot (remember to drink though, because you are sweating, it’s just evaporating as the air is very dry).

These winds also explain why some people have sun beds with longer legs, which raise you above the sandblasting zone. They also put you closer to appreciative eyes if that’s your thing!

Agde weather

The resort is open in the winter months but almost everything is closed down and you will see hardly anyone there and even then they will be clothed. It is not warm enough for naturism in the winter months at Cap d’Agde. You are better off heading to the Caribbean naturist resorts.

When to Visit

In May it can be warm enough but still often isn’t too chilly for clothing free time. If you visit the resort in the month of May, it can be a real hit or miss scenario and given the nature of the holidays here, you do not want to have to become a textiled holidaymaker! The Tramontana and mistral winds can also bring quite a breeze to the beach sometimes and you’ll find sand flying everywhere. This though should not put you off visiting the resort and the winds pass.

Warmer Days

It warms up in June and from June through to the start of September, it is the best time to go to Cap d’Agde weather wise.

Expect temperatures in the high 20s (Celsius) in the peak months and sometimes over 30. (Roughly in the high 70s for Fahrenheit.



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