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Many questions come up time and time again when people first consider visiting the resort. Below we take a look at many of these questions and we attempt to answer them for you. Below some Cap d’Agde advice and tips.

Budget and Costs

Many first time visitors always wonder how much money will is needed at Cap d’Agde for 1 week and for longer stays. We take a look at the feedback from other visitors to the resort. There are many ways to try and save though and for budget accommodation you can also try Airbnb for those with accommodation to offer within the resort. The camp site is the cheapest place to stay if you are happy to drive to the resort and set up a tent. If you are two people, set up a 6 person tent and use the electricity and water supply which is included in the pitch fee, and you can create quite a nice set up for yourself. Bring your own sun-chairs rather than renting them and you can further keep costs down. Try and, if flying, to fly into Beziers Airport. This airport is the closest to the resort and the cheapest to get a taxi to and from.

When to Visit

Many people ask when the best time to visit the resort is and we take a look at the breakdown of the best time to visit Agde. We also give a further breakdown of the best months to visit Cap d’Agde with a look at the key months. The obvious answer might be to visit in August but then it can be far too hot for some people in the peak of summer.

Internet and WiFi Access

Internet and WiFi access is becoming increasingly in demand by visitors to the resort and the provision of Internet access is slowly but gradually improving on the resort. Learn more on the options for WiFi and Internet service on the resort? The Wi-Fi connections continue to be an issue for many people each summer and the service is still one which could be greatly improved. Improvements though happen at a typical French pace and slowly but surely the service improves.

The Beach

One of the biggest attractions of the resort, apart from the obvious clothing situation, is the beach. Cap d’Agde beach is a magnificent long and wide beach. Learn more.

Where to go in Winter

Cap d’Agde pretty much closes down as a resort between October and April. So what are the alternatives i.e. what resorts are good in winter when Cap d’Agde is closed?

FFN Card and any Membership needed?

FFN Card – Do I need an FFN card to enter the resort and how do I get one? The answer is that it depends on what accommodation choice you make.



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