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Best Restaurants and where to Eat in Cap d’Agde

seafood restaurants

There are dozens of restaurants in the resort and they range in quality and price. These restaurants serve everything from seafood and French dishes, through to Italian food and steak and chips. Give Le Mississippi restaurant a go and also certainly sample the pizza from the takeaway van just inside the camp site. There are several very good restaurants to eat in the resort and overall the prices tend to be reasonable and ordering in French, English or Italian is normally possible. Below a look at some reviews from our readers on the local restaurants within the resort.

Le Bistrot

“I can recommend Le Bistrot as the best restaurant – opposite Le Jul which is OK for middle aged couples. Tantra is the best swinging place though!”

Pizza, Heliopolis shopping centre and Port Ambonne

“There are a number of restaurants and you definitely won’t be short of somewhere to eat, but the catering really isn’t really of the haute cuisine type. It tends to be either the typical French family restaurant type or as an adjunct to whatever club it might be linked to. I’ve tended to do more self-catering, so have only limited experience of the restaurants.

There’s a reasonable quality pizza-type place in the Héliopolis shopping centre, where there are a few others too – some not overly busy during my visits. There’s one that looks good, but which I haven’t tried, in the centre of the Port Ambonne shopping centre. Generally the smaller fun places seem to be the busiest as diners were generally only eating before moving onto more adventurous entertainment!”

Pizzeria, Mexican and Asian food

Over in Port Nature there is a restaurant across from the Jules Verne Club that serves nice French food. The filet rossini is great if you like fois gras. There is a pizzeria in Heliopolis on the South side that also has a grill menu. On the West side of Port Nature is a Mexican and Asian restaurant neither of which I have tried. There are many more places to eat, you’ll have no problem when you go.

local restaurants

Are there any good restaurants and places to buy food? – A common question and not a silly question if you have never been here before. I have been to resorts before and found hardly anything in terms of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and food places.

Cap d’Agde though is a big village in its own right and there are in fact:

  • Several very good restaurants (including seafood restaurants)
  • A couple of mini supermarkets.
  • Several other places to buy food such as the mini shop in the centre of the camp site and stores just inside the camping area.

You can stay in the naturism resort for weeks or months and never need to leave the resort because everything you will need can be purchased in some shame or form, within the resort. English, French or German newspapers, deck chairs, sun tan lotion, souvenirs, all types of food and also all types of clothing both for the beach and for the evenings.

Supermarkets and Shops outside

If you are staying on the camp site or in another accommodation type and have access to a fridge or other ways of storing food, you can also decide to go outside of the resort to the Hypermarket which is approx. 1/2 mile outside the naturism resort main gate.

In short, you do NOT need to worry about where to buy food in the naturist resort. Food is easy to find and to buy. There is also a major supermarket just outside the naturist resort.


“We had several good meals in Les Jardins du 16 which is close to the 1664 cafe in Heliopolis, it was very reasonably priced and we received quick and friendly service. We also tried on several occasions to eat at Le Ghymnos also in Heliopolis, but it was always packed out, and is meant to be THE place for pizza, pasta and lovely salads”.

French desserts

Whether you want fresh seafood, pizza, BBQ’d food, a nice juicy steak or if you want to get take away food from one of the many restaurants based on the naturist resort, there are many options. Below we take a look at the various restaurants on the resort and detail the feedback that you have sent in on each of the different eateries on the resort. Send us your own reviews.

Le Mississippi

Le Mississippi is one of the most popular restaurants in the resort and is one of the best places to eat if you love seafood. The outdoor seating makes this an excellent option, as long as it is not raining. It can get very busy on weekends in the evenings and during these times, you may need to reserve a table.

Le Ghymnos

Another very popular restaurant and also can get very busy on weekends. This venue is famous for its pizza and the food is a good standard. One of the most popular places to eat on the resort, Le Ghymnos……

L’ID Restaurant

L’ID Restaurant is a lesser known eatery but is one which is certainly worth trying. The fact that it is easier to get a table is a bonus if anything.

Your Feedback

Thoughts from Reg and Joe: L’Horizon was just perfect for petit dejeuner; breakfast under the sun (less than 10 Euros each) with the hum of waves breaking in the distance and the chatter of like minded souls enjoying the environment. Le Jardin was great for dinner. The Mexican near Melrose was excellent a huge bowl of Chili Con Carne for around 15 Euros. The beach restaurant near the lifeguard station is always worth a visit and perfect for a mid afternoon bite to eat.

Mike D, UK: We visit Cap often and we love the food in L’ Horizon and we also always eat at least once per trip in The Bounty, good food, good price and open all year!! We have also tried Le Bistro and found it to offer food for a reasonable price.

Helen B: I can definitely vouch for the Oasis Tropical. Great food at reasonable prices. We’ve never been disappointed. We always go for the set menu. Sometimes it’s fish, sometimes a meat dish. The food is unfussy and the lady there manages all the tables herself, very efficiently and always with a smile. Definitely recommended if you want a good meal that doesn’t cost the earth. The Bounty near Port Soleil is open, and also the Absolut just outside Port Ambonne. I would recommend the latter, as the food is better, but sometimes the service can be a tad slow. The bar next door is also open. In the evenings they are closed, except for weekends, but lunchtimes they should both be open every day. The two bakers are also open in Port Ambonne every day, but only until 12.30. The sauna is lovely this time of year. Both places are open in Port Ambonne. There’s a buffet on Sunday’s at 6pm, so you can get some nosh as well as being in the warm. Always something going on in there.



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