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5 Best Restaurants in Agde Town

Eating in Agde

While taking a holiday or vacation in Cap dAgde’s naturist resort, you might also want to explore the town of Agde and to enjoy a day visiting the local market and some excellent local French restaurants. Below 5 of my favourite restaurants in Agde, which are outside of the resort.

1. La Table de Marthe (12 Trinquette)

The restaurant opens for the season in mid-February, and their cuisine is primarily seafood. The interior of this restaurant has a bright, open-air, modern décor, and the guests who dine there are treated to some of the best views in town; a harbour full of yachts and sail boats  . Reservations are not required; however, they are highly recommended. They serve only lunch and dinner; prices start from eleven euros for lunch, eighteen euros for dinner.

2. L’ami Louis (11 Rue de la Gabelle)

L’ami Louis This restaurant also opens for the season in mid-February. Its exterior is a warm brown colour with red and white checked gingham curtains in the windows. Inside, it has a cosy modern ambiance. It is open for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. It serves fowl as well as seafood; its specialities are salt-crusted sea bass and Duck Foie Gras. At starting prices of eighteen euros for meat dishes and twenty-three euros for fish, the cost runs a bit high, but according to the reviews, it is worth it.

3. Les Etoiles (36, quai de la Trinquette)

This restaurant ranks four stars, but it is open year round. It offers excellent food and service at a reasonable price; it costs less than fifteen euros for an appetizer, entrée, and desert. The cuisine is French with Italian influence. It serves only lunch and dinner; its hours are noon to midnight seven days a week. Guests get to enjoy a fabulous view while dining at the edge of the water in this restaurant.

4. Le Nautic (3 rue de l’Estacade)

Except for briefly closing from mid-December through the end of January, this restaurant is open all year. It serves seafood and Mediterranean cuisine; its specialities are Thau Pond Oysters, Cooked Mussels with Picpoul Cream, and Au Gratin Oysters in Noilly Prat. The atmosphere and service are excellent, and with the meals running between thirteen and twenty euros, the prices are reasonable.

5. La Taverne Alsacienne

La Taverne Alsacienne has a brewery and a grill. Serving seafood, French, and Mediterranean cuisine, its specialities are fish and shellfish dishes. A three course meal here goes for less than twenty euros. It is also conveniently located near reasonably priced hotels. The restaurant is comfortable and has a greatly varying menu and the atmosphere is superb.

Anyone who has the opportunity to eat at a French restaurant in France will tell you it is an experience not to be missed. Those who visit Cap d’Agde should definitely use the opportunity to dine at some of their finest restaurants in the town of Agde. The town itself is worth exploring although I can understand if you decide that you do not wish to deviate from the main resort, given that it has so much to offer itself in terms of restaurants and food options.

Within the main resort itself, the most popular restaurants are:

  • Le Missippi which is in Port Nature and
  • Le Ghymnos which is in the Heliopolis buildings and is also always busy especially on weekends.



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