Cap d'Agde


Montpellier to Cap d’Agde, France


Feedback: “The drive from Montpellier is dead easy, you’ll find the cars (automobiles) are smaller and the road signs will be in French, but you have 9 months to do a French course. Mind you, once there you may not need a car, so you could consider alternative transport, like train/taxi.”


“We drive from the airport each time we go, takes about 45 minutes to an hour on the motorway , traffic dependant. It is a real easy drive very straight forward. It is easy from Montpellier to Cap d’Agde city. In Cap d’Agde City follow small yellow road signs “quartier naturiste” to main entrance”.

Reader feedback: As you exit the arrivals terminal of the airport you cross the (drop off) road and will find a bus stop.
This bus will take you all the way to the Montpellier train station from where you can catch the train to Agde. You can also hire a car or grab a taxi.

Visitor comment: There are shuttle buses from the airport into Montpellier, as far as I know these should go to the TGV station. Price about 6 Euros. According to the SNCF website. One way from Montpellier to Agde by TGV can be as little as 8 Euros. depending on when you’re travelling, that’s first class as well sometimes, (well worth it because you get a better view from the upper deck). It’s between 30 and 40 minutes. You can get a taxi from Agde station to the Naturist Quarter, should be about 15 Euros, or local buses run from the station to the Naturist Quarter. Hope this helps you travellers.

Visitor Comment: The TGV from Paris runs through Montpellier to Sete then Agde. A taxi from Agde station should cost at the most about 20 Euros. I understand slow trains also run from Montpellier to Agde.

Montpellier Airport Map and Location

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Experience of flying into Montpellier for Cap d’Agde

Montpellier is a very good location to fly in to. This is our 2nd year at Agde & have recently returned from the Cap, I have to say our transport ran very smoothly indeed. Arriving on a Ryanair flight that touched down at 9am, we were able to catch the 9.20 shuttle into Montpellier city centre, which leaves from just outside the terminal building (it was slightly on the drag due to the large number of people using it, so this can work to your advantage). We paid 5 Euros 40 which included the Tam option, VERY useful, the Tam is the new tram system which will take you from the “Place De l’Europe” tram station to the railway station. You need to catch a blue coloured tram (line 1) going from Mosson to La Gare Saint-Roch (it’s only about 3 stops) trams go about every 5-8 minutes and trip is short, no more than 5 minutes.

We managed to catch the 10.07 train to Agde, I would say that I think we wouldn’t have made the connection had we not booked train tickets while in the UK, we booked on-line through Rail Europe, it cost us £24 return, the tickets on the “ten” are transferable and can be used on a later train if you miss the 10.07, but i was advised to book for the earlier one. Make sure you book on line where it’s FREE, otherwise there is a £5 or £6 booking fee for doing it on the phone The tickets arrived within 2 days without needing to pay for special delivery too.

Once in Agde we arranged collection by the people we’re hiring a villa through (Ann and David James) it may be worth asking your provider if they offer the same service, our pick up and entry into the naturist quarter cost us 20 Euros, I know there is a bus service from outside of the rail station, but we haven’t used it, as being collected is cheaper for us. We were on the beach by lunch time! I would also suggest that it may be worth buying a book of 10 tickets with Tam option, on the shuttle bus at Montpellier airport, as this only costs 18 Euros, so if 2 of you are doing a return trip it’s cheaper than 4 singles if you follow my logic!


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