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Cap d’Agde Dress Code and Packing List

Beach wear

Although most people shred their clothes on a large scale in the daytime, the evenings are a time when people wear their fun gear including leather, straps, lycra and PVC clothing. Some people dress in less interesting clothing and simply wear shirts, T-shirts or a dress. You can pretty much dress in anything you want or do not want to.

The Dress code and sense in terms of clothing seems overall to be to wear something, even if it is very little but you will always see a few people determined to get the full naturist experience and to stay undressed 24/7.

What to wear in the Evenings at Cap d’Agde

People do not usually go clothes free in the evenings because it is cooler at night and also because dressing in whatever you choose to, gives everyone a further chance to express themselves to the crowd.

Many people enjoy sitting in one of the in and outdoor bars in the evenings and people watching as many people walk around showing off their sometimes unique and revealing clothing. This tends to, in many ways, be a part of the entertainment at Cap d’Agde.

If you are looking to buy clothes at the resort, there are several shops and which are open in the daytime and evenings and which sell clothing which perfectly suits the nature of the resort.

Daytime Wear

You might want to include these items of clothing and things to wear when packing for Cap d’Agde:

  • Baseball cap
  • Sandals (as the sand can get too hot to walk on)
  • Towel (for lying on and for sitting on if going to one of the bars on site).
  • Sunglasses

Packed items

It is of course true that you do not need to pack a swimsuit and many other items which you would normally need to pack for a holiday for a textiles holiday.

  • It does get chilly in the late evenings though so do pack some warm clothing for the night time.
  • Also consider that being summer time and often very hot in the daytime, make sure to include sun cream (although if you need to you can buy in the resort).
  • Maybe some mosquito spray or cream.
  • A towel or two (because they are handy for carrying around to sit on in public places at the resort, for hygiene). If you are staying in a rented apartment in the resort, towels may be provided.
  • Additionally – the normal things such as sunglasses, travel documents and the rest depends on yourself really.
  • A good reading book.
  • Sandals or flip flops (Flip Flops will not only protect your feet from hot pavements, but also anything unpleasant or dangerous you might step in if you are distracted and also avoid getting your feet filthy! I usually wear a hat and an open shirt to protect me from the sun).
  • Small French language book or Pictionary.
  • Credit Card (always handy in the resort)



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